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What Does a Coronavirus Test Cost? It Depends Where You Go

Covid-19 tests are supposed to be free for anyone who has insurance, but unexpected bills from doctors’ offices and hospitals remain a big concern, researchers say. Employers who want to prevent outbreaks among their employees are increasingly paying for tests, and some say those expenses are only growing.

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“Affordable Housing” Could Actually Be Affordable with CEQA Reform

Yet again, California is ranked the #1 most expensive state to live in America for 2020. And while taxes and childcare costs are also in the top five in the nation, it is housing costs that really stand out. Rent and mortgage payments run an average of $3,000 per month, nearly seventy percent higher than the national average, and this covers the entire state. Major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco come with even higher price tags. Taken together, it is clear to see that California has an affordable housing problem.

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Governor’s Business & Job Recovery Task Force Should Give an Equal Chance to All Qualified Workers

As the California Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery meets to formulate plans to restore and rebuild the state’s economy, it should remember Gov. Gavin Newsom’s official slogan: “California for All.”

The state recognized construction as an essential business and California needs all hands to help rebuild the state as quickly as possible. When it comes to actual building of hospitals, housing, police and fire stations, transportation and government funded building projects, a thumb should not be put on the scale to favor one trained and educated building group over another.

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